Ceiling lamp in aluminum folded and welded by hand.

Ceiling lamp in aluminum folded and welded by hand. Can be installed on the ceiling, composed of three parts: external shell, Plexiglas protection plate and fixing plate. Equipped with both central light and side light by means of a 1.2 watt led powered at 350 mA.

Lighting output: 100 Lumen / WattFor the product Dafne 400 x 400mm there is a single ignition for side and central LEDs, it is also dimmable.

For DAFNE ceiling lights 500 x 500mm, 600 x 400mm and 600 x 600mm, the lighting system is wired and designed with a double switch: a switch for the central light and one for the side light.

Possibility of management through a single switch; the product is dimmable as standard. The Dafne ceiling light is highly customizable both from a lighting and aesthetic point of view.

Model variants available:

This product can be customised for dimensions, from a minimum of 400 x 400mm up to a maximum of 600 x 600mm. Also available in the 400 x 600mm version. The number of LEDs varies according to the size changes.

LED technical data:

For the measurement mm 600 x 600 h 60: number 17 led central light + 16 led side light.

Power supply:

350 mA power supply> 1.2 watt LED.


20° methacrylate lens for lateral light / 40° methacrylate lens for central light.


  • Polished chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • Ancient Copper
  • Thermosetting powder coating: all RAL colours

LED colour:

  • Natural white 4800K
  • Ice white 6000K