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Every single article is entirely created by professional designers. The continuous search for innovative solutions that combine elegance and efficiency enables Stelladesign to propose, every year, new collections that can satisfy the evolving demands of the market.


The art of knowing how to do it by hand and the ability to give shape to ideas finds its highest expression in every article by Stelladesign. Objects with a high aesthetic profile that overcome the time and fashion restrictions to become real sculptures that not only provide light but also give value and elegance to the spaces in which they are placed.


Years of experience in the field of precision mechanics, combined with the desire to innovate, have made it possible to develop a completely new concept of lighting design. Stelladesign has succeeded in creating solid and durable systems and equipment, reducing waste and maintenance.


Following a tailor-made approach, Stelladesign is able to create tailor-made systems, starting from the conditions of the environment in which they will be placed and from the specific requests of the customer concerning shape, size and colour.

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