Iris / Q

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Product description

Suspension system modular and customizable.

Individual independent elements suspended by steel cables or aluminum tubes.

Minimum size 50 mm diameter

Maximum size of 100 mm diameter

Available in cylindrical, square and rectangular.

Internal power supply or separate.

Led power: 1.7 watts / 3.6 watt / 4.8 watts

Width of the client’s choice, whilst respecting the minimum size necessary to turn on the power when it is not possible to separate.

LED color

Natural white 4800K

Ice white 6000K

Blue, red, green


Methacrylate lens to 20 ° / 40 °

LED Specs

For item number 1 LED 1.7 / 3.6 / 4.8 watts

Available variants

The present composition is provided in a minimum number of three elements up to infinite.
Can be realized, instead of a cylinder, with the shape of a cube or cuboid.


Available finishes

Glossy chrome

Satin chrome

Old copper

24K Gold

Thermosetting powder coating: all RAL colors